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I don't believe in manifesting and here's why...

I suppose you could call this an unpopular opinion. Or maybe its just unpopular because this angle isn't spoken about much. But, I'm not the biggest believer in manifesting and here's why...

To me it's all about BELIEF. I truly believe that I am going to get to where I want to be in life, so I know for a fact that it will happen.

I once read a booked called 'The Magic of Thinking Big' and it speaks a lot about belief.

The one part that really struck me, talks about 'if you don't believe something will or can happen, then it simply never will'. For example, if the people who decided that they could land a man on the moon, didn't totally believe it could happen - then it wouldn't have. Can you imagine how crazy those people must have sounded back in the day trying to pitch to others that they could build a rocket to take people up into space and bring them back down again? But they truly believed it could happen, so they didn't stop working until it did.

That very small segment of the book has stuck with me ever since.

I think my main issue with manifesting is that people feel that they can sit there and really visualise all of the things that they want coming to them, but A) perhaps don't fully believe that it can happen and B) don't actually put in the work to make it happen.

Yes manifest, but you've gotta do the work too boo.

Speaking a little more about point A there, if you are manifesting something, but are not 100% certain that you believe it can happen - then it most likely won't. In my opinion, if you don't truly believe in something, you are not going to work as hard or push yourself as much towards it, because you will have that fear of failure in the back of your mind. That also goes back to the example of the people building the spaceship. If they didn't 100% believe, they would have kept procrastinating or given up when things didn't go to plan. Remember, it's much easier to give something up than it is to work for it.

With point B, the truth of the matter is - you can sit there all day long and manifest that a million pound cheque is going to land in your lap, but unless you actually do some work to get that, it's certainly not just going to drop out of thin air.

Finding belief in yourself can either come naturally or take time. I think it also comes with growing more confidence too.

I used to be so unsure of myself and where I was headed, I definitely didn't fully believe in myself until more recently. But once you start putting yourself out there a little more, taking risks and seeing them pay off (or not work out so badly), your confidence will slowly grow and that's when the belief will come too. I now do things that not long ago, I never dreamed I could have.

I have always been driven and a hard worker. I have always wanted nice things. I am very materialistic in that sense. But, that's okay - because that's what keeps me motivated.

I always talk about myself being materialistic in a positive light, because it's what makes me work really, really hard. I don't just expect to get the things that I want without working for them. A key factor of being driven, is finding what motivates you. Nobody can tell you what should motivate you, as what motivates me, might not give you to the same burning desire. But what I do know, is that we all NEED motivation to work hard, otherwise, why else are we doing it? Accept to pay the bills!

I would like for everyone reading this to really think about what motivates them. And then perhaps think about how you can drum that into yourself more.

For example, I am a big lover of podcasts. I love hearing super successful people speak about their journeys and where their companies are at now. This really motivates me.

I recently listened to a few Tony Robbins podcasts, and two that I really enjoyed were, one with the owners of Air BnB and the other, the owner of Spanx.

Neither of these businesses are in my field and I often listen to podcasts of people who have no relation to my business, because the one thing all of these people have in common - is their huge success and mindset.

The owner of Air BnB was speaking about how they actually launched six times, over a number of years, before anyone really noticed them. What does that tell me? Well, a few things but mainly that they REALLY BELIEVED their business could work. Because if not, surely after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even 5th launch - they would have given up.

Some may say that I do manifest, because I am always imagining my future life, what it looks like and picturing myself there. But, I don't feel like I'm manifesting. I feel like I am just excited and looking forward to my future, because I BELIEVE it's coming.

I would love to know your thoughts on manifestation or belief, so please don't be shy and leave them in the comments.

I hope you have a great week and really find your self belief. You deserve it.

G x

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