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1-2-1 online coaching.

How does 1:1 coaching work? What does it include? And what can you learn? In your sessions, you can learn WHATEVER YOU LIKE! These sessions are essentially run by you. We can cover any topic that you're struggling with, you can fire away as many questions as you can think of and I can give you all of the information and courage you need to keep going!

Some examples of what people use these sessions for are... 

Looking to take your social media to the next level? We can go through all the info & tips you need to grow your following and turn those followers into sales. 


Building a website but are a little stuck? Don't worry!

Let's book a session, do a screen share and go through it together!


Maybe you've got a business idea but don't know what you need to turn that idea into a fully functioning business. We can go step by step through everything you'll need to have in place! 


Marketing is one of the most important components to your business. It's essentially what's going to sell your products or services! Whether you've hit a little bump in the sales road, or even if you haven't - it's always important to have fresh marketing techniques ready to go! I can advise on what will be best for your business and teach you how to put them in place. 


Writing the perfect CV and preparing for job interviews can be super tough. Let's work on that CV and get you in tip top confident shape for your big opportunities

We can go through interview questions and answers, the do's & don'ts and ensure you're as prepared as you can be. 


If you would like some more info on prices or how to book, get in touch on the contact page!

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